Silent Circle’s Blackphone 2 Now on Sale

This second-generation privacy-centric device features a 5.5-inch 1920 x 1080 pixel display screen, a 64-bit processor, 3GB of RAM, 32GB of storage, a 13MP rear camera, a 5MP front camera, a microSD card slot, quick charge support, and runs a special, extra secure version of Android called “Silent OS”.


To prevent users from being overwhelmed with managing the various security and privacy settings, Silent Circle equipped Blackphone 2 with a built-in Security Center that puts them all in one place.

The new phone also gets encryption by default, which is enabled during the initial setup; Silent Circle’s encrypted voice, text, video conferencing and file transfer service, and over-the-air firmware updates. Other features of note are the ability to remotely wipe the device as well as granular control of how and where the phone’s Wi-Fi and Bluetooth can connect. As of today, United States customers can pick up a Blackphone 2 for just $799 – more than an iPhone 6S or a Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge.

Conner continues: “Blackphone 2 combines an enhanced operating system with a suite of apps created to keep your enterprise and personal information separate and private”.

“Spaces”, another facet of the Silent OS, allows users to make a clear distinction between their business data, personal information and social apps on one device.

“Today our privacy is increasingly threatened by governments, businesses and individuals”, Bill Conner continued.

“In addition, the growing number of companies where employees work on their own devices in and out of the office means that it is ever more vital to build smartphones that deliver on privacy”. The announcement of its Enterprise Privacy Platform received PC Magazine’s “Best of Show” award at Mobile World Congress in Barcelona earlier this year.

Following are 10 reasons why Silent Circle’s new smartphone will have enterprises cheering. However, there is also a regulated Blackphone app store that features content reviewed by Silent Circle staff for security. It’s encrypted, of course-Silent Circle was founded by Phil Zimmerman, the creator of PGP.

Now, you are probably wondering about the specifications of the Blackphone.


Of course, if you’re in a business that requires a ton of burner phones (I don’t know your life) then the Blackphone 2 will actually be a good investment.

Privacy-focused Blackphone 2 encrypts calls and messages by default