Simple fix for iOS 9 “wifi assist” function

A feature called Wi-Fi Assist automatically switches your iPhone to use cellular instead of wireless data when a weak Wi-Fi signal is detected.


Apple released iOS 9 for supported devices just a couple of weeks ago and rolled out a few updates for its latest operating system three days ago as well.

With the above mentioned guide, you now know how to turn Wi-Fi Assist off and can finally rest easy knowing the fact that you won’t take a data centric hit on your pocket.

16, and iPhone and iPad owners are advised to adjust its Wi-Fi setting. If you’re not aware that your phone is using your cellular data rather than Wi-Fi, you could be racking up unexpected surcharges by accidentally going over your limit.

How to turn it off? Apparently, the new software is already running on over half of all Apple mobile devices, and Apple reports that iOS 9 has the fastest adoption rate compared to any of its predecessors. “I suspect iOS 9 wifi assist, anybody else?” But, as ever, there’s a certain amount of feedback in the hype cycle, leading to people who otherwise wouldn’t have had an issue blaming Wi-Fi Assist for all their problems. “Like, when you get an update it messes up your phone”. In the same Mobile Data settings, you can see “Mobile data usage” for the current period. And Apple have set it so that the Wi-Fi Assist feature is automatically set on.

What’s bad is that users who don’t have unlimited data may overuse their allotted data, resulting in unexpected charges and fees.

“It’s impossible to say if that extra usage is directly related to Wi-Fi Assist, but I have my suspicions”, wrote Mills Tuesday.


Gizmodo writer Chris Mills has seen the data jump in the new system and he suspected that it may have been the Wi-Fi assist feature that’s the culprit.

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