Singapore Scientists Create Invisibility Cloak

g_imageIt seems that a part of the world of Harry Potter may not be too far from the future! In Singapore, scientists have discovered a way to create a type of the invisibility cloak that we all fell in love with and wanted for our own when we read and than saw, or saw and then read, the Harry Potter series. Physicists have been able to make animals disappear behind their new invention.


In the video above, the team of specialists from the Nanyang Technological University in Singapore under the management of Baile Zhang, have made a breakthrough discovery regarding the advances in technology involving the cloak. This is the first time that scientists could be able to conceal a part of any spectrum with the cloak and during their experiments, a cat and goldfish, disappeared.

In the first experiment, they were able to conceal the goldfish without needing to do anything. With the cat, they were able to make it disappear entirely just like the goldfish and disappeared. This invention, like so many, has a double purpose. Sure, it is fun to hide your pets from time to time, but it is not about cloak being only for fun. This type of security is going to be used to help deter crime and to stop it from happening all together.

It seems that many advances are being made in the ways of science and it is only a matter of time before we will be able to have the harrypotterinvisiblecloak_thumbfiner things in life with the invention of an idea. Thanks to movies and books similar to Harry Potter, you get the chance to think outside the box and expand the way you are thinking and analyzing the theories.

Either way, fans of the hit movie and book series are excited at the possibility that some day their dreams will come true and be the proud owner of an invisibility cloak. However, many fear that this is one invention that will never touch the hands of someone outside of the government. This is the type of weapon that could stop all wars and other conflicts. This is going to be great for the government so they will be able to hide things and be able to hide among the shadows and listen in. However, to perfect this, they scientists are going to have to take years of their lives studying exactly how they are going to get this perfect.