Siouxsie Sioux releases first new song in eight years for Hannibal finale

Does this suggest that the show will have a season four?


Dancy adds that since a part of Will has always been fighting to control the darkness inside him that voice of reason also told him that if Hannibal is going to die by his hands it would be better if he goes the same way too since he has already succumbed to the “darkness” desire to kill. Well, actually, it could’ve been terrible since these actors were pretty much unknown when the show first kicked off, but their chemistry was something special – the kind of chemistry that is only captured onscreen every so often. While season 1 and 2 endings had Hannibal winning when he successfully framed Will in the first season and killing everyone and escaping on the second, season 3’s “The Wrath of the Lamb”, was filled with emotions, accompanied by the ideal building up of the final moments. When the series premiered in 2013, viewers were curious how the violence, especially the cannibalism, would be handled to instill psychological horror while also adhering to what can and can’t be shown on network television. The feeling was mutual, as showrunner Bryan Fuller was an enormous Siouxsie and the Banshees fan. “There’s something about being poor and white in the South but there’s something else about being poor and black in the South, and I think it could be the necessary gateway into the character, to make Clarice as much our own signature character as we tried to make Will Graham”.

The appearances of the supporting members of the cast in “Hannibal” season 3 finale were equally notable, such as the Hannibal and Chilton encounter.

Listen to “Love Crime” below. The emotions of the scene combined with the music made for pure visual poetry.

As the camera pans down under the table, we notice that her leg is missing. Did they survive the fall?

Fuller recently stopped by IGN to talk about Hannibal’s future. Continually optimistic about a movie wrap-up, creator Bryan Fuller talks his idea for Season 4 and the inevitable Silence of the Lambs treatment, which may or may not involve Ellen Page and David Bowie. Fan videos are odd creations, sometimes choosing to be moody looks at various relationships, which is very fitting considering all the homoerotic brooding done on Hannibal.

If Hannibal doesn’t find a further incarnation of its story, we suppose Alana’s relative happy ending would be a silver lining.

Though NBC cancelled Hannibal, there could be new life for the series yet.

“[Executive producer] Martha De Laurentiis is looking into financing for a film”.

Similarly to CNN, Fuller said, “It would be a whole new chapter, instead of the story being told”. I’m hoping that someday, whether it’s a year from now … two years from now … that we will continue to get to tell that story.


You know, there is a plot point in the [Thomas Harris] novel Hannibal that has not been in any of the [filmed] adaptations.

Do Hannibal and Will Graham die together? With series finale, fans will never know