Skype 6.3 for iPhone and iPad Released with iOS 9 Support

Almost a month to the day since Skype rolled out a fairly chunky redesign of its mobile apps, Skype 6.3 for iPad and iPhone now sports “Slide Over” and “Split View”, key features in the new iOS 9 software.


Skype Friday announced its compatibility with iOS 9, including making full use of the Slide Over and Split View functions that allows users to interact with multiple apps at the same time. While Skype is used more for audio and video, if you do use it for messaging then it’s particular useful.

Skype has updated its iOS app with benefits for both iPad and iPhone users.

Tweetbot 4 includes universal iPad support, so that means the same app running on your iPhone will also expand appropriately on your iPad. With Slide Over, clients can pick a second application to communicate with, and with Split View empowered they can choose to show them one next to the other, and resize them as needs be. Introducing the brand new Skype for iPhone – simpler than ever with an even more powerful search.

Notification replies allow users to type a reply directly from the notification bar at the top of the screen when an incoming message arrives, as well as from the notifications on the lock screen. Furthermore, you can likewise start another Skype talk straightforwardly from Apple’s Spotlight hunt highlight. To do that you can search for your Skype contacts using Spotlight and by tapping on the contact you’re looking for in the results list, you can get right into a new chat.


For Microsoft, who owns Skype, it has done well to push its roster of apps to any device it can find.

Tweetbot 4 for iOS adds universal support, split-screen and more