Sneak Peek: Bailey’s the First Female Chief

After being quarantined, April quickly starts freaking out – not so much because she’s cut off from everyone else, but because Jackson (Jesse Williams) is unsympathetically ignoring her. Whereas the premiere episode focused primarily on the race to the position of chief of surgery, episode 2 will focus on people’s opinion of Dr. Bailey (Chandra Wilson) as she transforms back to the cold and scary “Nazi” she was introduced as back in the first few seasons of the series.


Grey’s Anatomy” season 12 has begun.

From April & Jackson to Dr. Bailey, the seven characters we are about to spotlight have each helped us appreciate all of the good things Grey’s still has to offer, while making Derek’s death seem like a distant thing of the past.

On the bright side, the disease that is besetting April could be the ideal reason for her and Jackson towards getting closer to one another again or it could only worsen their already precarious relationship state as it is.

Isaac sort of hilariously tried to hit on Jo.

While everyone is working on this case, Meredith comes in and asks Jackson for a consult and when he tells her know, it turns into an “everyone bash Bailey” moment.

At the same time, Bailey realizes that the staff is turning on her (and that Ben’s caught in the middle), and begins to doubt her chiefly abilities. They’ve got feelings, but they’ve also confusion. She tells him that she doesn’t deserve it and that if this is how her first day went, then she doesn’t deserve a second. Should Jackson and April get a divorce? That’s insane! All she’ll do is give the team of doctors four hours to figure out a plan of action. He rushes to her room and when he sees that she is fine and finds out that all she wants to do is talk, he gets annoyed. If you answer that question honestly, you’ll see that the loss of just one little flower is overlooked by the sheer beauty of the rest of the bouquet – and that is exactly what has happened on Grey’s Anatomy.


Elsewhere, Callie (Sara Ramirez) is smitten with a woman she’s been on two dates with, and April (Sarah Drew) gets confined to the bubble after Arizona (Jessica Capshaw) notices that she has an enormous amount of lesions on her back. Even though Jackson isn’t sure there’s anything worth fighting for, April said she’s going to fight for the both of them, and she’s “gonna win!”

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