SoftBank to sell Netflix subscriptions in Japan

Netflix announced the union August . 24.


Netflix’s new launch in Japan is an important step in the company’s global expansion, as it plans to reach more markets across the world by the end of 2016.

One of Japan’s largest providers of mobile data and telecom services, with 37 million subscribers to its mobile network, SoftBank has emerged as a major investor in technology and entertainment. No price for the app has yet been made public. The basic plan, which includes single-stream standard definition costs 650 JPY (about $5.4), the standard plan with two-stream high definition goes up to 950 JPY, while the premium plan with four-stream 4K ultra-high definition family plan costs a heftier 1,450 JPY. With almost 36 million broadband homes, Japan is one of the largest markets outside of the US that the company has entered.

With the partnership, SoftBank users will be able to subscribe to Netflix at SoftBank Shops, major electronics retailers, and with the help of SoftBank website and SoftBank call centers.

Hulu Japan, Netflix’s only true competitor in Japan, was sold to domestic television network Nippon TV a year ago .

Asked about SoftBank’s benefits from the partnership with the US company, Mr. Miyauchi did not provide any specific details and only said that the two sides have come up with a “win-win” scenario.

While Hulu failed to gain traction outside of the US, Netflix is already available in more than 50 markets worldwide.


It is expected that Fuji will premiere a new version of popular reality series Terrace House on Netflix from launch. Fuji is also producing “Atelier“, a drama set in the lingerie industry.

Netflix Partnering with Japan's SoftBank, Plans Original Local Content