Solar system to scale, mapped out in a desert

Even though we all know the solar system is huge, it can be hard to get a sense of just exactly how large it is.


Overstreet and his friend Alex Gorosh drove more than 960 km to the biggest space they could find, which was Black Rock Desert in Nevada.

To give a better idea of the scope of their project, Gorosh and Overstreet created a scale model of the planet Mercury which was 224 feet away from the mock sun, while Venus and Earth were 447 feet and 579 feet away, respectively, Fox News reported Friday.

The model itself is something to consider, and it also has a video to go along for a detailed understanding.

Overstreet’s team placed the planets of the solar system at their relative distance from the Sunday .

Overstreet and Gorosh documented their project in a seven-minute film called To Scale: The Solar System. Using their cars, they traced each of the planet’s orbit around the sun in a dry lakebed and then lighted up the planets before going to the top of the nearby mountain at night to capture the video of their work.

On this picture taken from the YouTube video, you’ll be able to see the orbits of the interior planets to scale.

At this scale, the sun measures about 5 feet across – the size of a small weather balloon.

Two Los Angeles based guys created the worlds first ever scale model of solar system which shows the actual distance of each planet from one another and their true sizes.

“There are 24 people in the entire history of the human species, of billions, who have actually seen the full circle of the earth with their own eyes”, Overstreet said.


That scale begins with the vast Globe Arena building in Stockholm and expanses across the country from there. The good friend mentioned they obtained impressed to construct a scale mannequin of the photo voltaic system after a quote from James Irwin, the fourth man to land on the moon.

First Scale Model of Solar System Is Mind Blowing