DIY projects are “Do It Yourself” projects. These projects really help to utilize your spare time and also to use your skills and innovations to create something different. These are the good practice to utilize your skills and the good practice for mind works. Please find below the top 10 DIY projects.


  1. An Alien Tank:  Another name for the Alien Tank is Steel Legend. It is the work of the mechanical engineering. Various items and tools are organized together in order to create an alien tank.  Various Chinese fans of Transformers are designed to create a Megatron transformed into a tank to take revenge of the fallen. The Alien tank is invented by the Chinese people and contains all the functionality of the transformer.
  2. Driving at home:  The Driving at home was invented by Mathew Boyer. His serious interest on road driving lead to the creation of the driving a wheel. It took the efforts of approximately 7 months. The budget of driving at home exceeds to  $ 1,650. The driving at home is similar to a video game using the normal driving wheels. The driving at home is designed in an amazing shape which works with a video game racing cockpit. The driving at home is also designed as to implement that real time experience and interest on driving to the video gaming world. The inspiration to it something with the keen interest lead to create a wonderful game. It actually gives the illusion that the person is actually driving on the road by using the clutch, gears and steering. It is the hyper real time gaming experience with 900 degrees of motion. With the metal gear plates and with the H- pattern mode in the gear system. Also, the sequential and the powerful force movement for the steering.
  3. Quad bike: These are designed using the various parts of the bicycle, golf carts and go carts. It was designed by Mr. Tom Wilson. The size of the bike is almost same as the SUV. It is one of the interesting  DIY project. It is a four wheel big bike with the four people driving it. The name Quad Bike is given as it is designed using the four wheels. It is accepted by UK law with the weight of the bike as 550 kg. In order to drive it on the road the UK government asks for the license, registration and the insurance. All the safety issues are also considered for the quad bike to drive. The speed that is taken into consideration for the quad bike is 56km/hr. It is a vehicle which do not require any fuel to drive for. It is just the human energy that can be utilized for the movement of the vehicle. Apart from this, it is also designed in such a way that all the four people can drive it with the equal force and efforts.

All the above are the few amazing examples of the Do It Yourself projects designed by various people in order to best utilize their spare times and interests.