Some Theaters Showing ‘Straight Outta Compton’ Beef Up Security

The Universal biopic, which opens Friday, depicts the anger in the streets of South Central Los Angeles during the late 1980s – an anger that spawned the landmark group that included members like Dr. Dre, Ice Cube and Eazy-E.


Straight Outta Compton” is an exceptional and well-made film. She was in the business, she was younger than my dad, and especially after his passing, I don’t think she wanted to keep anything away from me. “The studio has not solicited enhanced security for theaters who will begin showing the film this weekend, but it has partnered with those exhibitors who’ve requested support for their location”. According to Deadline, the N.W.A. biopic neared the $5-million mark on Thursday night, banking an estimated $4.96M in only 2,264 theaters.

Lots of big names in the rap world make appearances during this movie, and whether you like rap or not, this movie is more than that.

Ice Cube, a founding member of NWA and a producer of the film, told Reuters that he supports the decision to increase security at screenings.

The Alamo Drafthouse downtown had two officers present at its preview showing on Wednesday, but the owner said there will be no extra security over the weekend.

Gray, (whose first film Friday starred Ice Cube) is now directing Cube’s son, O’Shea Jackson Jr.

While the campaign is certainly timeless, it also harkens back to N.W.A.’s original attitude, shifting the conversation by acknowledging their roots and the issues that they experienced living in Compton. Bow Tie theater on the Boulevard said they normally add extra police for movies expecting to draw a large crowd.

The star – whose life and career with the pioneering hip-hop group is being portrayed in new movie Straight Outta Compton – has admitted Axl Rose helped him see that they had made it. “We don’t have any expectations that something’s going to happen here, but we want to be prepared”, Smith said.


Kendrick Lamar got to meet his makers recently, when he interviewed N.W.A. for Billboard.

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