Son of missing couple also has disappeared

Fifty-five-year-old Jeanette Navin and 56-year-old Jeffrey Navin, of Easton, haven’t been seen since August 4.


Over the past week State Police detectives conducted a search of the Putnam Ash Residue Landfill, operated by Wheelabrator Technologies, but no human remains have been discovered so far.

State Police combed through son Kyle Navin’s Bridgeport home, Trooper Kelly Grant told the Daily News Friday. Neighbors say they have not seen Kyle Navin in over a week.

Kyle is now considered missing as well. The area was searched, but nothing was found, though sources tell the Hartford Courant that evidence was found in their truck. The company website lists Kyle Navin as operations manager. He also did not return an email seeking comment.

Jeffrey Navin owns J&J Refuse in Westport. Jeanette Navin is a school library aide in Weston.

That was the last time anyone heard from the couple.

Kyle Navin said he had a broken back and didn’t feel well enough to go, according to the warrants.

Asked if the son was now missing, along with his parents, Grant replied, “I have no information on his whereabouts”. On August. 7, their family reported them missing.

Prosecutors on Wednesday asked state police to take over the investigation.


State court records show Jeffrey Navin was $2.2 million in debt as of December in connection with a mortgage on a Guilford home that has been in foreclosure since 2007. All calls will be kept confidential, Grant said.

Jeff and Jeanette Navin