Sony finally gives Project Morpheus a real name, PlayStation VR

It’s nice to know that Sony decided to go with something a bit more relative to the PlayStation brand at the end of the day.


As for the price of the hardware, Yoshida did not mention a ballpark figure, but he said Sony aims to offer the headset “at the lowest possible cost” to remove barriers that might prevent gamers and developers from purchasing the device.

Sony’s Project Morpheus will launch as the PlayStation VR, the company has confirmed, but no firm release date or pricing has been provided.

The Oculus Rift and HTC Vive will work out fine with their naming schemes, but no matter the huge media attention, they’re not going to be mass market items, at least not at launch. “The current PlayStation VR HMD prototypes feature a 5.7″ OLED screen created to reduce the sense of motion sickness during use. Topology Research Institute estimates sales of virtual reality devices will reach 14 million units globally in 2016. These comments were made at a news conference held in Tokyo wherein he also revealed the name of Sony’s headset for the virtual reality project, “PlayStation VR“, which was usually known as the Morpheus. All of these gadgets are competing for the ultimate virtual reality experience for their audiences. The headset will now be called Play Station VR. The small library includes full games and demos, including “Summer Online Lesson”, “Kitchen“, “Rigs” and “Joysound VR”.

At the address, Sony also announced a price drop for the PlayStation 4 console in the Japanese market.

Fighting game ·series ·King of Fighters will also get a new sequel, · King of Fighters XIV, next year.

The price drown will bring the price down to ¥35,000 ($300) from ¥40,000.

There’s PlayStation 4, PlayStation TV, and in the upcoming year, PlayStation VR to keep in theme with their choice of names.


“We decided to cut the price to keep up sales momentum”, said Makiko Noda, a spokeswoman for Sony Computer Entertainment. Europe may be seeing similar news soon.

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