Sony grafts a TV remote on top of its latest speaker

Remember when Sony released its own particular version of the coolest cooler!


As this should be obvious from the pictures, the company is focusing on the Japanese market with this device, as everything is written in Japanese.

The idea is that sometimes you want to listen to something that’s on the TV but you’re not actually watching the TV.

Perhaps you are cooking for instance, or playing with your children.

Alternatively, the speaker can be used in the same place as the TV, but because it can be placed closer to the person struggling to hear the main set’s audio, it can be used by those who have slight hearing loss or if the family are too noisy in another part of the room.

The remote accompanies a base station that you connect with your TV to transmit the audio recharge to the device. But above all it will be facing tough competetion as this is the time when Set Top Boxes are capable of Pausing Live TV and Recording.

The SRS-LSR100 measures 179mm wide, 71mm tall, and 28mm deep, and its internal battery lasts 3 hours in between charges.

With the help of a dongle, the speaker is able to output sound from your TV, allowing you to move around your home and continue listening to the news or your favorite chat show from afar.

Sony says that this device is particularly useful when there’s a lot of noise going around in your apartment. It’s a rather interesting design that seems to be more functional and aesthetically pleasing and like we said, it’s basically a combination of a television remote a speaker.


The SRS-LSR100 will be released in Japan on September 12, priced at ¥19,980 (around £106).

Sony Japan Has Created A Weird TV Remote Speaker Combo