Sony Prepares To Launch Internet TV

A sign is seen atop the headquarters buiSony and Viacom (VIA) have teamed up to bring about the first Internet TV. According to many sources, this will consist of being broadcast live from MTV,Comedy Central and Nickelodeon. With the many suppliers out there, Sony needs to yet find a supplier that is going to work with them. Like the iPhone and AT&T, there has to be a bond that is going to work with both companies. Many feel it is going to be hard for the company to be able to compete with other cable and satellite companies over this.


However, Sony is confident that they are going to be able to launch such an idea and be able to compete fine with the companies out there in the market right now. They even have plans of expanding and making content available from Time Warner, CBS and Disney. However, no comment has been made toward that investment. By the beginning of next year, Sony is planning to launch the product to consumers. With the demand of such technology, it is normal to think that this is going to be very popular among consumers, but very uncomfortable for cable providers.

It is common knowledge that technology is growing, but companies who provide satellite TV are going to have a fit over this new piecesony_internet_tv_24 of technology. One may argue that it will simply replace the cable companies because this is a way to have the internet without needing to run cables through your home and there will be no need for modems or routers. On one hand, consumers are excited. However on the other hand, they are concerned as well.


If everything goes well with the contracts, Sony will have their Internet TV out in the next year and the other companies are sure to follow suit. Whenever there is a new gadget that people have a need for, the demand is created. Already Intel, Apple and Google are in talks with companies to be able to license everything. This will make the consumption jump and cause a lot more demand. It is safe to say that this is the start of a new age of technology. In many ways, one could say that this is the start of cable companies starting to think differently on how they are going to be able to offer their services. It is a tough thing to have to follow, but all will manage.