Soon, you can shop on YouTube

First in the line is Google’s Customer Match, this allows advertisers a method to target their existing customers including those in Google Search, Youtube and Gmail.


While Google is using information that people voluntarily handed over to a brand – usually when signing up for a rewards membership or subscribing to get emailed coupons – the company seems to recognize that a few people may not like brands using that information to target them with ads. Both “Customer Match” and “Similar Audiences” will start rolling out in a couple of weeks, said Google. At Advertising Week in New York, Google introduced new ad features that make use of its very broad reach across the Internet, as it wages a heated battle with Facebook and others over digital spending. Facebook shows ads when users are scanning news feeds filled with a variety of content. On Google, people are looking up something specific, including to make a purchase. In May, Google unveiled “Universal App Campaigns”, a central portal for developers to manage the promotion of their apps across Google’s media channels.

Google’s SVP for commerce and ads, Sridhar Ramaswamy, has explained in press releases that the two new products they acquired aim to better improve their ad revenue.

Google announced the new ad format at the Advertising Week conference yesterday. In addition, a new Google consumer survey revealed that 20 percent of users aged 18 to 24 years old find cool merchandise to buy there.

That will help marketers reach “product-focused content on YouTube”, like unboxings – a highly popular category on the service – as well as product reviews and how-to videos, Diya Jolly, YoUTube’s director of video ads product management, wrote in announcing the new feature.

Only Google can help you do this to delight your most loyal customers in the moments that truly matter. It allows businesses to upload a list of email addresses (or leads) usually acquired from customers in a loyalty or reward program, or from those who previously made purchases.


So for example if you were to go to YouTube to look for reviews on the GoPro HERO4 Black, YouTube will recognize that and might deliver an ad that will let you buy the camera. Of course, they can always opt out of targeted ads if cookies aren’t their snack of choice.

If you’ve always thought that the ads displayed before You Tube videos were sometimes a bit irrelevant and annoying that could soon change. According