South Africans gather to protest against corruption

Cape Town and Pretoria are expected to come to a standstill on Wednesday as thousands of people march against corruption. This video shows the protest in Pretoria.


Earlier this week metal workers union said organisers of the march will be deterred by Nedlac who announced late last week that workers taking part in Wednesday’s march would not be protected.

The National Union of Mineworkers (NUM) says its members will not participate in the march against corruption that the National Union of Metalworkers’ Union of SA (Numsa) will lead on Wednesday.

We are convinced that NEDLAC has been captured by forces within and outside government opposed to the march, by using technicalities to undermine and sabotage it.

The Unite Against Corruption March, which has been months in the making, finally got under way under a common theme: South Africans have had enough of the corruption scourge.

Only a few Numsa members could be seen while representatives from Section 27 and Equal Education are also there. We will march in support of professional and unbiased investigative and prosecutorial services.

The protesters’ demands include that political party funding be made transparent, the Auditor-General conduct regular lifestyle audits of senior public officials, public servants wear name tags when on duty and anti-corruption laws be strengthened.

“A society that assigns resources on the basis of peoples’ proximity to power is no less sinful to one that assigns resources on the basis of skin colour”, retired archbishop Desmond Tutu said in a statement.


They will move along Lilian Ngoyi Street, Francis Baard Street, Nelson Mandela Drive and Stanza Bopape before arriving at the Union Buildings.

Anti-corruption protesters march