South, North Koreas Agree on Minimum Wage for Workers at Joint Complex

The promotion would make him the second-most important official in terms of North Korea’s relations with the South. Considering Maeng’s status in the North Korean government, the remark is leading analysts to think that North Korea has concluded that there is little to gain from engaging in dialogue with the South for the rest of the current administration.


South Korea’s army earlier Monday promised unspecified “searing” penalties for the mine blasts final week within the Seoul-controlled southern a part of the Demilitarized Zone that has bisected the Korean Peninsula because the finish of preventing within the Korean Conflict in 1953. North Korea has denied the accusations and threatened to launch strikes on South Korean loudspeakers.

North and South Korea agreed to increase the minimum wage for North Korean workers at a joint factory park by 5 percent, a South Korean industry representative said, ending a months-long dispute despite heightened tensions on the Korean peninsula.

The North’s proposal exceeded a previously agreed five-percent annual wage rise cap and Seoul responded by insisting that any such change had to be a joint decision.

Unification Ministry spokesman Jeong Joon-hee said Wednesday the details of Won Dong Yon’s purge could not be made public but neither did Seoul rule out the possibility, South Korean outlet Newsis reported.

North and South ended the futile propaganda broadcasts in 2004 as part of their efforts to ease animosities.

The CSIS study, conducted in March, looked at Key Resolve/Foal Eagle exercises from 2005 to 2014. “This is all about proving alliance capability”, he told reporters in Washington. One soldier lost both legs, while the other lost one leg.

That sentiment was echoed in a prior statement from North Korea’s Committee for the Peaceful Reunification of Korea, which warned that South Korea and the United States’ “strongholds of aggression and provocation”, including the White House and Seoul’s presidential Blue House, could be attacked because they are “within the sight of ultra-precision striking”.


The powerful National Defence Commission stressed that North Korea had moved beyond the limits of conventional warfare.

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