South Park portrays shocking rape and murder of Donald Trump

About 1.5 million viewers watched Donald Trump’s character being raped and brutally murdered on Wednesday night’s episode of South Park.


“There were several candidates during the Canadian elections”, a Canadian immigrant said. “We all thought it was amusing”. Who should really be president?’ He was already being sworn into office. It was a joke.

To prove he was a man of his word, Mr Garrison travelled to Canada, via Niagara Falls, vowing to kill any Canadian he met, including Trump. This is preempted, however, by a quasi-sincere account of how someone like Trump would become president by a Canadian father, noting that its easy to encourage Trump’s behavior in the name of the joke but it can get (and has gotten) out of hand quickly.

The question remains, did the episode go a little too far? Comedy Central Donald Trump and Garrison wrestle before Trump’s death in front of his security guards.

“After we’ve f***ed every last one of them to death, we build a big wall”, he says.

Garrison decides the only way to deal with this is: ‘F**k them all to death … until their spirits leave their bodies’.

Matt Stone and Trey Parker went after Trump and his Mexican immigration mantra, using an elaborate allegory involving Canadian immigrants and a Canadian version of the billionaire mogul to satirize the current political landscape in the U.S. Donald Trump was featured in one of the show’s episodes that aired in 2011.

Where My Country Gone mocks Trump’s stance on border security in which he has proposed halting illegal immigration from Mexico into the US.

Garrison swore to kill Canadians he met, even Trump. By the end of the episode, it showed Trump being brutally raped to death.

The Comedy Central hit “South Park” is known for taking on subjects that no other show would ever dare touch. After arguing about where their respective countries have gone, the two duke it out and Mr. Garrison finally gets to test his horrendous immigration reform policy, ending in the president’s grisly, coital demise.


“I have a lot of friends, African-Americans in New York, they say, ‘You’re going to get most of the vote.’ I was actually disappointed with the 25 percent”, he said.

Image source Comedy Central