Space Shuttle Endeavor’s tanks to be reused on the ISS

NASA engineers are working this week to remove four tanks from the shuttle for use as potable water storage on the global Space Station. Endeavour is the star attraction at the California Science Center, garnering fans from around the world.


In this case, NASA engineers are working to remove four tanks from the old space shuttle Endeavor for use as potable water storage on the worldwide Space Station.

“It wasn’t part of the deal, but we’re always happy to work with NASA“, he said.

After its decommissioning, Endeavour’s Canadarm (formally the “Shuttle Remote Manipulator System”) was removed in order to be sent to the Canadian Space Agency’s John H. Chapman Space Centre in Longueuil, Quebec, a suburb of Montreal, where it was to be placed on display.

The Science Center’s president, Jeff Rudolph, has presented himself pleased with the situation, in spite of the fact that there was no previous agreement which would allow NASA to retrieve parts of its retired ship. “That’s really neat that they’re going to use things still”, Rudolph said. Now, these shuttles are being stripped for their useful parts for future space missions.

The tanks have a combined capacity of 300 litres, and were previously used to store water for the shuttle crew and also to refill water supplies on the ISS.


The tanks are not usually viewed by the public, so the actual display of Endeavor would reportedly not be affected in the slightest, which is good news for one of the biggest points of interest in the California Science Center.

NASA scours retired space shuttles for spare parts