Spain, Morocco arrest suspected ISIL recruiters

The other six arrests were made in, Morocco, the Interior Ministry said in a statement.


In Spain, police arrested two women and two men in the regions of Toledo, Barcelona and Valencia.

The Spanish government says Spain and Morocco have arrested 10 people suspected of belonging to a ring that recruited fighters for ISIL in Syria and Iraq. The group is notorious for its brutality and many human rights violations, as well as for recruiting people from all over the world via social networks.

This operation comes a month after 14 IS recruiters were arrested, 13 in Morocco and one in Spain.

Fernandes Diaz said Spain remained on high alert for possible terror attacks, with all services “active to protect places that are considered to be potential objects of attacks”. By the end of September, Spain had been involved in the arrest of 71 suspected Islamic militants at home and overseas, up from 46 in the whole of 2014, according to interior ministry figures.

Over one hundred Spanish citizens have already traveled to join the terrorist state in Iraq and Syria.


Fernandez Diaz said that now 80 percent of the recruitment process for terrorists is done online and around 20 per cent happens in physical locations like religious centers or prisons.

Spain, Morocco Detain 10 People Linked to ISIL