Spanish bulls gore seven to death

But just a day later 29-year-old Miguel Ruiz Perez became the fourth fatality in 72 hours after he died taking part in a bullfighting show.


In a YouTube video of the incident, Perez’ colleagues lift him up and rush him to an unmanned ambulance at the entrance to the arena.

Last week a prominent Spanish bullfighter Francisco “Paquirri” Rivera Ordonez was gored in the groin, with the bull’s horn going 25 centimetres deep but missing any vital organs.

He was cornered after bumping into another man and losing his balance when the animal suddenly changed direction and charged runners behind it.

Among those killed over the weekend was Jose Alberto Penas, a 36-year-old town councillor from the town of Traspinedo who was gored at an event in Penafiel, a small town to the north of Madrid.

In the video the street is filled with hundreds of people running away from the bulls as they gallop through the narrow streets.

So far, bulls have gored seven people to death in July and August at festivals across Spain.

Shortly after midnight that same evening, Rafael Minano died in hospital in Murcia after a bull had severed his femoral artery during a bull run in Blanca.

Medics said he also suffered multiple chest injuries, abdominal wounds and two heart attacks after being caught by the bull’s horns as he tried to escape over a wooden fence, dragged to the ground, and gored repeatedly.


“The younger man was on the trail of a bull run which he was filming together with his cell phone”, stated Jesus Hijosa, mayor of Villaseca de la Sagra, the place the accident occurred.

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