Special Olympics athlete vanishes after another found safe

The Special Olympics Healthy Athletes Program, officially organized in 1997 to promote public health and serve those with intellectual disabilities, set up a makeshift medical clinic to provide free healthcare to athletes throughout the week.


Special Olympics Mississippi athletes brought home Gold and Silver from their weeklong competitions at the 2015 World Games, held in Los Angeles.

A Special Olympics staff member was sent to help Gusmari return to Los Angeles and then to Albania. He was last seen on surveillance video at 5:57 the intersection of Sepulveda and 96th Street, according to Airport Police Officer Rob Pedregon.

Last year, when Rajbir got a chance to participate in the trails of bicycle race, he surprised everyone and qualified for Special Olympics in Bhopal 2014.

A surveillance camera photo shows the French-speaking golfer wearing glasses, a white athletic jacket with an orange shirt, white trousers and sandals.

Officials from the Special Olympics said that as of 11 p.m. Monday, all participants in the games were either taken to LAX or to hotels near the airport. Ruben Pola. He was in good spirits, Pola said.

“Rajbir had qualified for the World Summer Games but he did not have a racing bicycle”.

Jayasingh, who is also the Special Olympics Malaysia president, added that he hoped their achievement would encourage more parents to enroll their intellectually challenged children in Special Olympics sports programmes.

“We’re very relieved”, said Jeff Carr, CEO of the Special Olympics, .

Andi Gusmari, 44, who participated with his delegation as a bowler, walked into a Hayward police station at 1:30 a.m., said LAPD Officer Rosario Herrera.

It was found that he was missing only after coaches realised he had not come back at bed check.

The closing ceremony was Sunday.

Michael Ring thanked the volunteers and managers who supported the athletes at the games.

Perelman said it is not unusual for someone to get lost or even defect during any large worldwide event, particularly in a Western country.


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