Star Wars: Battlefront gameplay videos and info leak from closed alpha

Star Wars: Battlefront is set to launch on November 17 for PlayStation 4, Xbox One and PC.


Star Wars Battlefront’s PC closed alpha stage is now underway, and fans are already throwing caution into the wind when it comes to the non-disclosure agreement and are sharing gameplay footage from the test version of the shooter.

Meanwhile, a rough video of gameplay has emerged on YouTube. The Battlefront Alpha is only available to a select few who registered their interest in late June.

There’s also a list of the various weapons in the game, which again do not reveal any major revelations: E-11 (Stormtrooper gun), A280, DH-17, DL-44 (Han Solo’s pistol), DLT19, DLT20a, SE14c, T-21, rocket launcher, and EE-3 (Boba Fett’s gun).

A lot of different weapons are mentioned but only by some codenames. A number of ships were uncovered in the files, although not all appear to be playable.

Vehicles, meanwhile, include the T-65 X-wing, the Tie Fighter, Lambda Shuttle, Y-wing, Tie-Bomber, Corellian Corvette, Nebulon B Frigate, Imperial Star Destroyer, Monday Calamari Capital Ship Home One, AT-ST, AT-AT, Tie Interceptor, 74-Z Speeder Bike. The Battle of Jakku maps will arrive starting on December 1st or December 8th depending if you pre-ordered, which gives us 14 maps total before The Force Awakens arrives in theaters.


Storm Troopers, meanwhile, might be able to be customised and tweaked, though this has not been confirmed. Not that it’s not great, I move to add hastily, but because EA Dice want Star Wars Battlefront to have a voice of its own rather than another Battlefield game with a Star Wars skin over the top.

Star Wars Battlefront Closed PC Alpha Gets Leaked 1080p, 60fps Gameplay