State GOP members share views of Donald Trump at packed meeting

JEB BUSH: But the simple fact is… “I actually like her more than I did previously”, Ken Walters added.


In the cartoon, Fiorina is saying “Here’s looking at you Donald“. I like that. I heard it myself. And there are at least five things you should be aware of before you start looking into the crystal ball.

This number indicates a sharp drop in Bush’s ratings after he declared his candidacy in June, when he received support from 56 percent of Republican voters.

While Trump still maintained his previous position as the most searched candidate on Google, which he held prior to the debate as well.

JEB BUSH: I have a proven record.

“I felt badly for everybody else”, Trump said on MSNBC.

The former CEO of Hewlett Packard looked confident and prepared on stage with the 10 other male candidates, and the general consensus this morning seems to be that she had the strongest showing of any of the candidates last night.

“We’re moving beyond the earned media phase into more of an air wave where Bush’s money advantage can now begin to make a difference in the early state contests”, Republican strategist Kevin Madden said, according to CNN. Asked if she could support Trump if he were to be the Republican nominee, Fiorina answered as she had during the debate.

After a debate performance that was steely, self-assured and at times deeply personal, Carly Fiorina’s biggest effect on the contest for the Republican presidential nomination may be to help correct a problem that her party has struggled with in recent elections: how to appeal more effectively to women.

And in the most viral moment of the night, Fiorina classily shut down any confusion about whether Trump’s prior remarks about her face were an insult to her appearance: “I think women all over this country heard very clearly what Mr. Trump said“.

However, Trump’s response failed to elicit a positive response from Fiorina.


But New Jersey Governor Chris Christie, struggling in the polls himself, repeatedly returned to his theme of the night: that the campaign wasn’t about them. He is banking on the “inevitable strategy” and instead he is, like, trying to get his mojo now? “They are putting all their marbles up in New Hampshire”. They care about theirs. Marco Rubio of Florida and Ted Cruz of Texas, or retired neurosurgeon Ben Carson, but he said Fiorina displayed the maturity he’s been looking for in a candidate.

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