Hipkey is a new device designed by a Danish company, “Hippih”. It makes use of the wireless technology like Bluetooth to detect a valuable by connecting with a iPhone or an iPad. It works and provides alerts for a distance of 50 meters with a 90 db alarm. It helps you to save your valuable items by keeping a track and maintaining a record for them. It is a portable and very simple to use. It is very handy also. In order to keep track of a particular device, you need to configure few settings in your mobile or tablet, where you want to get the tracking records. Attach the valuable thing with the hipkey and all the records of the location at every time will be visible on the phone or tablet.



Hipkey is a key ring type device, which you need to join with the valuable for which you want the alerts or alarm in your phone for the location. It is a very practical device and the company designed with artistic and designer skills in order to maintain a peace of mind for the people using highly expensive and valuable devices in the day to day life.

It basically consists of the 4 different modes, which are child mode, alarm mode, motion mode and find me mode. Hipkey is the only tracking device which has various other modes along with the tracking of the phones. Not only this, it is the only device which can also keep a track of the other valuables along with iPhones and iPads. Not only this, by using hipkey, you can keep your children as well as pets safe.

For example, if you want to keep a track of the location of your child, being anywhere, you can attach the hipkey to your kid and the location information of your child at any time can be seen in your phone or tablet. Please note that the required settings must be done in your phone for the use of hipkey.

Another example, sometimes we go out for a tea or coffee or in a bar and forget our phones or another valuable stuff at that place. In such cases, hipkey is working as a mind relaxer. You can find the valuable stuff very easily by getting an alarm in your phone or the tablet, telling the location of the device for which hipkey is attached. You can go and collect the device. In such a way, the lost item can be easily found or we can say is safe.

People are feeling safe and the market demand of the object is increasing, as it is working as a stress buster for people. Due to the successful reviews, it is now available at the Apple or iphone stores. For now it is mainly available in the US market mainly. Apple customers are always demanding for the highest quality product. Hipkey is one of them, so it is available on Apple stores and the company is expecting to lead the expectations and is confident for its functionality and attractive design.