Stephen Colbert and Donald Trump Were the Ultimate Comedy Duo Last Night

“For years I play an over the top, like, conservative, you know, character”, Colbert said, adding, “…not as long as you did, but I did for many years.


In the past, Trump famously raised doubts about whether or not the President was born outside of the USA, but has declined to discuss his past comments on the campaign trail. Colbert asked him what he described as a “big fat meatball” of a question: “Barack Obama, born in the United States?” “I talk about jobs; I talk about our vets being horribly treated”. “I’m not talking about that”. His interview with Trump has been widely anticipated by all his fans, The Daily Beast reports.

Trump said, “Well, I think it’s you, but it’s close to being me“. Last night, the new Colbert nearly made it seem like the inflammatory Trump wasn’t worth his time-and I’d agree, if Trump weren’t leading the polls.

Colbert, disappointed in his answer, joked that the “meatball was now being dragged down subway steps by a rat”.

As Trump sat down on Colbert’s stage, the comedian acknowledged that he, like so many television hosts, had enjoyed Trump’s campaign as a punchline.

The third competitor in late night, Jimmy Kimmel, came in behind Fallon and Colbert on Tuesday with 2.5 million viewers.

“At 11:45am today, we canceled Donald Trump’s scheduled appearance on The O’Reilly Factor on Thursday, which resulted in Mr. Trump’s subsequent tweet about his “boycott” of FOX News”, the spokesperson said.

Until recently, Trump has been characteristically aggressive on the matter of Obama’s citizenship, suggesting he does not have the constitutional right or authority to be president. We need global warming” and “Medicare is like a nice set of cufflinks.

Even Donald Trump has a sense of humor about the insane things he says!


Trump responded with “I don’t talk about that anymore”. (One trick question was a quote from Charles Manson.) Colbert’s demeanor may have been due in part to the fact that NBC’s Tonight Show trounced The Late Show in ratings last week, when Trump appeared as a guest.

Stephen Colbert does the impossible: Donald Trump shuts down on birtherism