Stephen Colbert Explains Why Bernie Sanders Is Rocking Rallies All Over the

Ted Cruz with 13 percent and former Florida Gov. Jeb Bush at almost 10 percent. “Fifteen candidates. Five hours”. Ted Cruz of Texas, because he is a lifelong conservative. “So if you sort it all out, you know, it’s a mixed picture”.


Michael Hartman, Washington County Republican Party chair, said his travels to local meetings and events have revealed that Republican voters are very involved this election cycle, despite the newcomers’ unexpected success.

However, the truth is that Sanders’ potential appeal to minorities is unlimited-unlike Clinton’s upper limits due to the nature of her past and present policies and her utter incapacity to enunciate anything real that resonates with people beyond recycled neoliberal micro-platitudes.

Trump is in Iowa taking questions from students at an appearance ahead of Urbandale High School’s homecoming dance after speaking at an Iowa Faith and Freedom Coalition presidential forum.

Clinton was referring to Trump’s decision not to correct one of his supporters – who erroneously claimed Thursday night that Obama, a Christian from Hawaii, is a Muslim from another nation – and to the businessman’s strong stance on immigration. I have no idea why Donald Trump is running for president and I don’t really know how Carly Fiorina thinks she would be a good president.

He says, “Absolutely. No problem”.

But, she argued, the other GOP candidates’ policies reveal that they are essentially the same as Trump, just “without the pizzazz or the hair”. She’s delivered the line before. “That’s what I want this campaign to be about, and I hope people who support me respect that, because this is a serious election”, she said.

“When I announced my candidacy four and a half months ago, I think it is fair to say that a lot of people did not take our campaign terribly seriously”, the Vermont senator said.

Supporters of Democratic presidential candidate Hillary Rodham Clinton cheer as she arrives at the state’s annual Democratic convention Saturday, September 19, 2015; in Manchester, N.H. John McCain’s behavior was “harsh” in a similar situation.

Hillary Clinton said on Sunday the United States should do more to help Syrian refugees, calling for it to take in as many as 65,000 of them.

“I wouldn’t be surprised if Sanders wins by a few points”, said Muskat, 54, of Sandwich.

“When women succeed, America succeeds”, O’Malley said.

“Don’t be distracted by their flamboyant frontrunner, trying to bully and buy his way into the presidency”, Clinton told the crowd. “He should start dampening them down and putting them out”, she added.

“They’re all on the same page pretty much, they’re just approaching it differently”, Fountain said.

The New Hampshire Democratic Party said the convention was the largest in its history, with 4,201 people admitted into the Verizon Wireless Arena.

Donahue said he is “certainly nervous” about Clinton’s prospects in his state, although he said his own support hasn’t wavered.

Graham says that he’s benefiting from showing a sense of humor on stage.

Fischman said things could change if Biden joins the race. Her aides worked closely with officials at the Roosevelt Institute, a progressive think tank, in advance of her official campaign launch rally on Roosevelt Island in New York and before her first big economic speech. She has never spoken Sanders’ name at a campaign event – nor that of any Democratic presidential opponent – even when she’s been asked about him directly. “The people who work at that company should as well”.




Stephen Colbert Explains Why Bernie Sanders Is Rocking Rallies All Over the