Stephen Colbert Reveals First LATE SHOW Musical Guest & More!

Now, he’s anxious to reveal his true personality to viewers when “The Late Show With Stephen Colbert” debuts on CBS September 8. What I do with the show is we do the show for each other all day, and it’s my job and my privilege and my responsibility to translate to you, the audience at home, what we already did for each other.


Expect his Late Show to do a lot more political coverage than his timeslot competitors because, Colbert said it was in his DNA and that of his staff – he’s brought his entire Colbert Report staff with him to CBS.

The first guest, he confirmed, will be George Clooney, then added that Kendrick Lamar will be first musical guest. “He does Nespresso commercials in Europe to pay for a spy satellite to help protect the peoples of Sudan”.

“I want to do jokes on Donald Trump so badly and I have no venue”. He did announce Kendrick Lamar – the final Colbert Report performer – as his inaugural musical guest and later tweeted that Jeb Bush will be the first politician stopping by.

– Like Stephen Colbert, the right-wing blowhard he played for 11 years on “The Colbert Report“, the real-life Stephen Colbert is honestly afraid of bears: “If something’s gone bad in my life, I dream about bears”. “Now I don’t have to hold back at all”. I like intellectuals, writers, people in sports.

“Not having to run everything I say through the character in my head is really lovely”, Colbert said. Now the heir to Letterman’s throne, Colbert has said that the character won’t be coming with him.

“I asked him questions for about an hour”, Colbert said. It’s an act of discovery for me too. “I hope everyone has success”.

Besides, his “Colbert” character was “actively ignorant”, and Colbert himself clearly is anything but.


Chatty, funny, discursive and a little twitchy – “I think that’s what the doctor calls it”, he joked – the next host of the “Late Show“, Stephen Colbert, met with the assembled press at the Television Critics Association tour for the first time late Monday. Now I feel nearly more freed up. “I do know that the idea of war between hosts makes no sense to me”, Colbert explained. “It’s not like my success takes away from anyone”. And fighting amongst each other doesn’t sound amusing. “Dave used to get down to the theater in an old brass-handled, manual freight elevator, which he asked them not to change [when the Ed Sullivan theater was remodeled in the 1990s]”. “I love your last show”, she said.

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