Stephen Colbert wins first ratings battle in his ‘Late Show’ premiere

His former Comedy Central colleague stepped down from The Daily Show last month, but Tuesday was about beginnings, and the audience greeted him with a standing ovation.


“It feels a little bit like therapy”, Colbert says. The Colbert Nation isn’t sure how to react to this new hybrid Stephen.

Throughout the segment, Colbert and Johansson pondered the difference between living and being alive, whether or not they’d rather have hands as feet or feet as hands, and what Oprah may be up to.

Stephen Colbert’s CBS debut pulled in about 6.6 million viewers Tuesday night, doubling the ratings of NBC’s Tonight Show, reports the Christian Science Monitor.

Meanwhile, Trump won’t just be visiting Colbert’s late night desk. Trump is making the late-night rounds: He’ll be on The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon on Friday.

Fans and critics alike were happy to see Colbert – and his absurdist humor – back on the airwaves, even if the debut seemed at times like an overstuffed hour-plus of television.

Fallon has topped Colbert two nights out of three in total viewers and in the demo. “At 11:20 (p.m.) no one in the building could give me any certainty that the show was going to go on the air last night”.



Luckily, the episode finally made it to air, as their “talented tech team” managed to get the show off the hard drives and on the air. “As the oxygen drained my brain, and my organs started shutting down, I thought if we actually make it to air it would make an interesting story”, he said. “And if we don’t, it will still be a good story at the theater camp I will be running in Idaho”. He returned with jokes such as ” With this show, I begin to search for the real Stephen Colbert.

Jimmy Fallon wears a padded suit gifted to him by Ellen De Generes on Friday’s episode of “Ellen.”