Stephen Hawking fields questions on artificial intelligence

“Due to the fact that I will be answering questions at my own pace, working with the moderators of /r/Science we are opening this thread up in advance to gather your questions”, Hawking writes in his introduction.


Stephen Hawking will participate in the social network’s famed Ask Me Anything (AMA) series, an event previously hosted by other scientists like Bill Nye and Neil deGrasse Tyson. In this case, users can submit questions during the next week, starting Monday at 8 a.m. with the deadline being on Tuesday, 4 August.

Stephen Hawking has a long list of warnings about threats to humanity.

Stephen Hawking will answer every single question that he will receive from those attending the conference and he will actually be taking his time.

The renowned physicist will address the issue of artificial intelligence and other topics at his first Reddit AMA (Ask Me Anything) forum, web portal CNET reported.

The longer AMA format is designed to compensate for Hawking’s delayed communications, with the world-renowned physicist suffering from amyotrophic lateral sclerosis (ALS), forcing Hawking to communicate using an Intel-powered assistive computer.

For more information on the AMA and #maketechhuman, visit Stephen Hawking has vowed to answer them all; however, he is asking fans to give him a much longer period to answer their quizzes. Hawking has also given his support to the sum of $100 million Breakthrough Initiatives funded by the Russian billionaire Milner.

The AMA forum was at the center of a recent controversy which ended with the resignation of Reddit’s interim CEO Ellen Pao, and the appointment of site co-founder Steve Huffman in her place. Reports say Hawking wants to focus the AMA on discussions around artificial intelligence, although likely the questions will vary dramatically – in both substance and tone – as they tend to on Reddit.


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Stephen Hawking Set to Partake in Reddit Q&A Session