Study shows: Ramadan is good for your health

Although Ramadan is known to be most celebrated by Muslims through a month of fasting, this annual observance is showing signs of being observed by many. When we sit at the dinner table with our families after a long day to break the fast, it gives a sense of comfort and peace. So, to stay fit all through the day, they must eat carefully before the daylight appears.


The Suhoor meal may vary depending on different places of the world. The popular version of the meal is stewed fava beans called Medemas.

Expert dieticians ask people to consume dishes containing fiber, healthy fats and protein for suhoor. She also advises to take fruits, smoothies and water in a greater amount to stay hydrated and satiated.

But as stated by physiology, it says that our bodies can not stay under energy releasing capacity of our food for over 16 hours. And after these burn off, the body starts to use stored fat to keep going.

Now that the Ramadan is coming to an end, scientists name 3 reasons why the Ramadan fasting is good for your body and soul. Also the time that our stomach is empty, it gives a chance to shrink the intestine, which rests the organ. They can’t lick your fingers, can’t get over anyone else’s food and must control their food habit.

The celebration of Ramadan is not just beneficial for the body, but also especially for the discipline of our mind. The intermittent eating practices that religious people apply during the Ramadan month has the ability to significantly diminish the percentage of body fats and to detoxify their entire system. Manar Attar from Portland said that Muslims are taught out to clean out behavioral closet, in short, bad habits.


As stated by nutritionists, the Ramadan fasting has a good influence on the practitioner’s body because Muslims have to refrain themselves from ingesting food throughout the day time. This is what pushes them to change their behavior and that’s the practical Islam teaching. Her husband commented that doing the hard work of fasting readies people for the hard work that they need to do internally. It is believed that if one doesn’t leave bad speech and bad actions behind, then fasting is not complete.

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