Sunnyvale officer involved shooting, One suspect dies, other at large

Events leading to the latest fatal episode began about 4 p.m. Saturday, after a caller alerted police to two men in a black Jaguar XF sedan near a Motel 6 in the 800 block of W. Ahwanee Avenue.


Sunnyvale public safety Capt. Shawn Ahearn tells the San Jose Mercury News officers had been responding to a report of suspicious circumstances at a motel when the shooting occurred Saturday. Those two men ran from police when officers approached them, Ahearn said, and went into a commercial complex in the 700 block of San Aleso Avenue.

A suspect is dead and another is at-large after a deadly officer-involved shooting in Sunnyvale Saturday evening. Sunnyvale DPS say they no longer believe the suspect is in the area but they will continue to search for him. Around 70 officers from nearby cities and the California Highway Patrol searched for the missing man for more than six hours Saturday, to no avail.

A helicopter was brought in to help in the search, according to police. The police shot and killed one suspect in the ensuing chase, but the other fled on foot and has not yet been found. He was last seen in the area of Ferndale Borregas in Sunnyvale. “Through the investigation, we have found a firearm next to his body and an additional firearm in the backpack that he was carrying”, Ahearn said.

“He didn’t look like he was resisting”, she said.

On April 8, Sunnyvale police officer Benjamin Kroutil shot and killed Joseph Jeremy Weber, 28, an Army veteran reportedly dealing with post-traumatic stress disorder. Witnesses reported seeing the second armed suspect running towards a home. “We don’t know if the suspect fired at the officer or not”.

The Department of Public Safety has refused to release cellphone videos of that incident.


“We are definitely concerned about the fact that this happened, as well as lack of information and transparency”, said A Baldonado on Sunday.