Sushma Swaraj to address UNGA

This is what she said: “Yesterday the Prime Minister of Pakistan proposed what he termed as a four-point new peace initiative”.


“Today all of us need to ask ourselves whether we have been able to fulfill the objective and achieve the goals for which the United Nations was established 70 years ago”, Swaraj said in the annual high-level debate of the 193-member General Assembly.

Accusing Pakistan of allowing the mastermind of the 26/11 Mumbai attacks to “roam free”, she said the country continued to send terrorists into India, two of whom were arrested recently in Jammu and Kashmir. Pakistan’s economy is in shambles and infrastructure critical because the Government there is so occupied with India-bashing that it has no time to address the core domestic issues.

She then took the Pakistani Prime Minister head on. I would like to respond.

In her speech at the UN General Assembly last night, Sushma said: “We don’t need four points, we need just one”.

“This was precisely what was discussed and decided by the two Prime Ministers at Ufa this July”.


Addressing the Royal United Services Institute, an independent think-tank on defence and security, in London, Raheel said the dispute between Pakistan and India “resides in the Kashmir issue“. Unlike in the past, when Indian leaders including Prime Ministers either made passing references to Pakistan as a terror-exporting nation or couched their criticism in indirect ways, Ms Swaraj named and shamed Islamabad. She urged them to work for an early conclusion of the Comprehensive worldwide Convention on Terrorism. The official also rejected criticism that the new policy of highlighting PoK issues could lead to “internationalising” the Kashmir issue, which India has avoided for decades. We have to understand that there can be no distinction between good and bad terrorists. “UN has been successful in preventing a third world war, in assisting decolonization and dismantling apartheid, in combating global epidemics, reducing global hunger and in promiting democracy and human rights”, she said. The COAS stated that the spite between India and Pakistan was rooted in Kashmir being an unfinished agenda of Partition and called on the world community to intervene in the matter if it wanted to see regional peace in South Asia.

Muhammad Nawaz Sharif