Suspect in US journalists murders shoots himself

Bryce Williams sent a fax to ABC News with the reasons for shooting his colleagues. Shots ring out, and the camera swings to the left and falls to the ground, momentarily capturing an image of the gunman dressed in dark clothing.


Andy Parker knew something was wrong after his wife, Barbara, received an alarming text message from Alison’s TV station, WDBJ, but not from Alison herself”. Marks described him as “an unhappy man” and was dismissed after he “quickly became known for a reputation for being hard to work with”.

“Like many viewers”, he said, “I was watching this morning’s broadcast, and couldn’t understand really what was happening”.

Dan Dennison, now a state government spokesman in Hawaii, was the WDBJ news director who hired Flanagan in 2012 and fired him in 2013, largely for performance issues, he said. Let us not forget that they grew up in this area.

Flanagan apparently shot himself when he was confronted by troopers along a Virginia interstate. The accounts have since been suspended. That man, Vester Flanagan – who used the name Bryce Williams while on-air, later shot and killed himself.

Mark said that the EEOC claim was eventually dismissed. Mr Marks also confirmed that Mr Flanagan filed a complaint with the EEOC against the station after he was terminated.

Overton also said that he had recently done a remote appearance with WDBJ’s Parker and Ward – and that the news had “really stopped me in my tracks”.

Investigators in Virginia said Wednesday they were examining the manifesto. She was the producer for WDBJ’s morning show and, in a heart-breaking twist, watched the shooting as it happened. “It would appear things were spiraling out of control”.

In the document, which he terms a “Suicide Note for Friends and Family”, he complains of racial discrimination and bullying “for being a gay, African-American man”. “That’s the kind of employee that you really want to look out for”, Truza said, “Some companies have what they call an ’employee assistance program.’ The problem with that is that’s a private conversation that the employee has to initiate”. PHOTOS: Reporter, photographer shot and killed during live reportWard, 27, grew up in Salem and attended Virginia Tech.

Parker and Ward worked for CBS affiliate WDBJ7 in Roanoke, Virginia.

The station is based in Roanoke, Va., and serves the southwest and central part of the state.


Another woman was also injured during the shooting, Chamber of Commerce executive Vicki Gardner.

'He seemed to have a short fuse if something didn't go his way' WDBJ general manager Jeff Marks said