Syria’s Assad should remain in office: President Rouhani

In recent days, Rouhani repeatedly has said he would try to secure their release if the United States would agree to free 19 Iranians who are imprisoned in the United States for violating sanctions.


The comprehensive agreement was clinched between Iran and the P5 1 groupBritain, China, France, Russian Federation and the United States plus Germany – after more than two weeks of tough bargaining in Vienna, the capital city of Austria.

A protester wearing a large mask bearing the likeness of Iranian

Experts here also expressed empathy for the hard choices US President Barack Obama has had to make in a politically divisive domestic climate, decisions which, in retrospect, have adversely affected United States of America influence in Syria and the region.

Iran’s hajj organising committee said that 298 Iranian pilgrims remained unaccounted for on Monday, while 46 were receiving treatment in either Iran or Saudi Arabia. “The only way to uproot terrorism in the Middle East is to undermine its economic and social causes”. The accord survived a 60-day review by the U.S. Congress and is now being examined by the Iranian parliament.

Attempts to persuade Iran, a key ally of the Assad regime, to speak to Damascus to help end the Syrian civil war are looking more positive as relations between Iran and the West have become stronger.

According to Rouhani, the Saudi government “does not cooperate sufficiently in addressing the fate of the missing and transferring the bodies of those killed as well as helping the injured ones”.

“I would like to invite the whole world to form a (joint effort) to create a united front against extremism and violence,” he said.

“If we did not have the USA military invasion of Afghanistan and Iraq … today the terrorists would not have an excuse for the justification of their crimes,” he said.

“All in the world now understand that without solving the problems of the Middle East those problems will spill into other regions and engulf the entire world,” he said.

Separately, Rouhani attacked Republican candidates for president, claiming that their critiques of the nuclear deal were misguided and that Republicans could not find Tehran on a map.


The president told Renzi that Tehran would like Rome to invest in Iran, transfer technology to the country and focus on the joint production of goods both for domestic use in the Islamic Republic and for export.

Iranian President Hassan Rouhani addresses the United Nations General Assembly in New York