Tabor Academy Football Player Saved by Apple Watch

Apple Watch saved a high school footballer’s life – What happened?


At first, Dr. Houle was having doubts about the Apple Watch, thinking that it was just a waste of money.

The Apple Watch has been credited as the life-saver of football player Paul Houle and Garry Barker alias Mac Man. An expert believes that the future of wearable biometric technology can make major improvements in people’s lives.

Paul Houle Jr., Tabor Academy senior in Cape Cod, Massachusetts, discovered after one day practice that he had pain in his chest and back when taking deep breaths, along with a rapid heart rate.

“I didn’t think it was anything serious”, Houle says. Medical examination showed that Paul’s heart, liver and kidneys already showed initial damages so he had to stay in the hospital for several days.

Houle went home to take a nap, but realized his heart rate was still high.

The condition is a rapid destruction of the skeletal muscle, which can release a toxic protein into the blood stream.

The recent Apple Event emphasized on the Apple Watch’s features to monitor health and fitness, and Mr. Houle’s incident has helped Apple gain even more prominence for its Smart Watch.

Houle’s elation and gratitude reached Apple’s top honcho as he said, “I got a phone call from a California number, and he said ‘hello, my name is Tim Cook, CEO of Apple'”.

Both Houle and Barker are thankful for the Apple Watch’s health care abilities.

“If it wasn’t for the Apple Watch to alert him to the fact that there was a problem, he probably would have just gone back to bed”. He ended up calling the teen to offer him a new iPhone and a coveted summer internship with the company. “He told me to stay in touch because Apple will always have a spot for me and offered me an internship with them”.


Apple media relations did not immediately respond to a request for comment.

Tabor Academy senior Paul Houle was hospitalized with rhabdomyolysis after he discovered an elevated heart rate with his Apple Watch