Taylor Swift breaks Staples Center record for most sold out shows

Other famous faces who have graced her stage so far on the 1989 tour include Kendall Jenner, Serena Williams, Gigi Hadid, Karlie Kloss, Cara Delvingne, Little Mix, Fetty Wap, Russell Wilson, Ciara, and many others.


But selling out Staples Center for the “1989” tour was probably expected as her latest album has become a monster hit.

Kobe Bryant surprised singer Taylor Swift, by presenting her with a congratulatory banner for her record-setting 16 sold-out shows, at the Staples Center.

While there were no appearances from the American singer-songwriter’s star-studded squad, Taylor has opted instead to have her loyal fans meet two royals from a different league, so to speak.

Historic is right! The 25-year-old is the first artist to have racked up 16 sold-out shows at the Staples Center, an unprecedented accomplishment that brought a whole slew of celebrities to the stage last night. Well, one person and team knew, Jerry West and the Los Angeles Lakers. What you may not know is that she started out on Broadway and is a spectacular vocalist.

But in this realm of “1989”, I was left wondering: Where did the country star go?

Moreover, the girlfriend of Calvin Harris proudly shared the recognition on her Instagram account on Saturday.

Zendaya, who just debuted her first shoe line, arrived in shredded jeans, a cropped sweatshirt and bright white Adidas Superstar sneakers.

Swift began her introduction of Aduba, “On the show ‘Orange Is The New Black, ‘ there are so many incredible performances by so many unbelievable actors and actresses”.

Swift looked shocked and was speechless after Bryant made the announcement. “But this song matters to me, and it means so much to me to get to sing it to you, and I think it can help you if you struggle with the same kinds of insecurities that I do”. We love it when Tay, 25, brings celebs out to the stage at her concerts, but she makes the star surprises even better when she performs with them!


Leighton Ginn is a freelance writer.

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