Taylor Swift named top Twitter account

Instagram confirmed its top five accounts for the first time, with Taylor Swift leading the pack with 49.6 million users followed by Kim Kardashian with 48.1 million followers and R&B singer Beyonce with 47.2 million fans.


Do you guys love following Taylor and other pop stars on Instagram?

In celebration of its fifth birthday today, Instagram released a list of its top five accounts for the first time.

These rankings are fairly unsurprising, given that Instagram is often acknowledged as a female-dominated social medium.

“It’s a view people haven’t really had before, especially in real time”, he said.

To examine, D.R. president Barack Obama has 4.7 million Instagram followers.

However, another big focus is that the top five Instagram accounts are all women. The image, which has more than 3 million likes, features Kendall with her hair spread out and styled around her head in a kind of mermaid look. That’s the audience most coveted by advertisers, which Instagram hopes to draw more of by the end of the year. They are also global brands, with 75 percent of their followers coming from outside of the US. Swift’s photo of her with the flowers Kanye West sent her after the 2015 Video Music Awards comes in second place with 2.5 million (how’s that for keeping it in the family?), while the singer’s Fourth of July photo of her and boyfriend Calvin Harris has 2.5 million likes as well, landing it at number three.


“Porch also emphasizes that the direct line of communication between superstar and fan allows for these women, who are so often placed in an unforgiving spotlight, to “[control] their message”.

AWKWARD! Which is the only member of One Direction NOT to make Instagram's top