Tear teardown down, roars Apple: iFixit app yanked from store

iFixit Chief executive officer Kyle Wiens provided within a blog that often Apple had attracted his company’s game developer membership because of a provisions abuse and, subsequently, the iFixit iOS application had also been shut down beginning with the App Store. While a few quickly became outraged at the decision, fact of the matter is, iFixit botched things up this time, but it was for the fans. iFixit did a teardown of the Apple TV a couple of days ago, and while that’s all well and good, the team shouldn’t have published it because the Apple TV is under embrago, so to speak.


However, iFixit is not planning on rewriting its app anytime soon. We’d better get our tin foil hats.

After the new fourth-generation Apple TV was announced on September 9, Apple provided developers with Apple TV Dev Kits to be used to create tvOS apps for the device.

The coolest of cats over at iFixit, famous for providing unbelievable hardware teardown and fix guides for assorted gadgets, had their developer account canceled after publishing a teardown of the new Apple TV developer unit in violation of Apple’s terms and conditions.

iFixit doesn’t seem to be too perturbed that its mobile app was pulled by Apple. We’ll continue to do so – theirs is a valuable service to the DIY community, especially since company’s like Apple sometimes go to great effort to keep consumers from opening up their devices.

As revealed in a blog post on iFixit’s official website, Apple has banned their developer account and consequently removed the associated iOS app from their App Store. Even though the iOS iFixit app was outdated and a bit cumbersome to use, iOS users appreciated the opportunity of learning about their smartphones, their hardware, value, how they work and the specifics of each component withn their new phones.

Apple gives iFixit app the boot [Bob Brown/Networkworld]. The video was shot at Bootie Dragon Con and on location at an abandoned farm on the outskirts of Atlanta, and stars members of the Atlanta Ghostbusters cosplay group.


“All the functionality you need for mobile is already there”.

Apple pulls iFixit's iOS app and developer account following Apple TV teardown