Ted Cruz Needs Waaahmbulance

Trump welcomed the host back from vacation with a Twitter tirade Monday night.


Some of Ms Kelly’s colleagues also came to her defence, including Bret Baier, her co-host for the debate, who tweeted “this needs to stop”.

In response to Trump’s tweets, Kelly tweeted a picture outlining the Republican candidate’s immigration platform, which includes building a wall on the U.S.-Mexico border and making Mexico pay for it.

That led to a private, clear-the-air conversation between Ailes and Trump two weeks ago, but that clearly hasn’t led to peace.

Donald Trump should apologise to Fox News presenter Megyn Kelly for an unprovoked social media attack, the network’s chief has said.

That sparked an immediate backlash from Ms Kelly’s colleagues, including Fox News CEO, Roger Ailes.

Trump (inset) has already unnerved party leaders with his inflammatory comments about Hispanics. Among other things, Trump declared that “The Kelly File” show was better without her and shared a message on Twitter that called her a “bimbo”. And I think that’s our best chance for victory. According to Trump, Kelly was sent on an unplanned vacation after the debate.

Although most of the audience may have tuned in to see how Kelly would respond to Trumps mudslinging, she refused to do so and drew a Trump-free broadcast instead by having another Republican presidential candidate – Ben Carson – on the show.

Over the course of about three minutes on-air, Cruz went from avoiding the question to taking on Kelly directly.

“I’d get him a McDonald’s hamburger and I’d say we gotta get down to work, because you can’t continue to devalue (the Chinese currency)”, Trump said Monday night on Fox News. However Tuesday He additionally stated “Donald Trump not often apologizes, though on this case, he ought to”.

I’ll have more to say about Donald Trump later, but for now I wanted to add a brief addendum to the excellent post by Jonathan.

This comes after the real estate mogul was under fire for escalating a feud with Kelly when he told CNN’s Don Lemon earlier this month that Kelly “had blood coming out of her eyes, blood coming out of her wherever”. Brian Kilmeade said on “Fox & Friends” that Trump’s comments bothered him personally.

Graham stated Republicans will lose in November with Trump at the top of the ticket and said Republicans “should lose” if that were to occur.


He also called Jeb Bush a “nice person”, but said he “doesn’t have the energy or capacity to make our country great again!”

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