Teen Conservative Activist Claims Obama Blocked Him on Twitter

Mohamed is a fourteen-year-old who was arrested after bringing a homemade clock to school that authorities mistook for a bomb.


This was met with both outrage from supporters of Ahmed Mohamed, and praise from conservative activists. Assistant press secretary Frank Benenati tweeted “Public Service Announcement: Nobody is or has ever been blocked from the @POTUS twitter account”.

Today he posted a screencap captioned, “Well, this sucks”.

He went on to say: “It sucks that the handlers of the leader of the free world find it appropriate to block any American”.

In contradiction with Benenati’s statement, C.J. Pearson – who has more than 41,000 followers and wants an interview with the president – produced a tweet that shows he had actually been blocked by President Obama on Twitter. He called the denial “completely fallacious”. “You never did”, he said in the video. They lied about the IRS.

Pearson posted a video on Facebook attempting to keep the discussion going about whether he had been blocked by the White House.

A 13-year-old frequent critic of President Barack Obama claims that the president has blocked him from following Obama’s Twitter account or even viewing his tweets, a claim the White House denies.


He said the administration didn’t extend invitations to the families of police officers killed on the job, “but when a Muslim kid builds a clock?”

White House Kid Who Says Obama Blocked Him on Twitter Is Probably Lying