Teenager is shark attack victim

CAROVA BEACH, N.C. – A video recently posted to Facebook claims to show a shark being caught off the coast of North Carolina.


There were 28 attacks reported in Florida in 2014.

In South Carolina, a shark attack also took place Friday morning at Hunting Island State Park, according to the Lady’s Island St. Helena Fire District. Volusia is home to Daytona Beach, which is often packed with tourists. The incident happened at Oak Island, North Carolina. “That’s important for people not to get in their head, that we’re talking about 25-foot animals that are coming in and going after people”. But others blame the attacks on the sharks moving into the shallows as they follow sea turtles, which hatch their eggs on the beach.

Park officials in the Outer Banks say a 17-year-old is suffering from wounds from a shark bite Saturday afternoon around 4 o’clock.

If sharks are exhibiting unusual behavior such as congregating close to shore or hanging out in areas they typically aren’t seen, then closing a beach and issuing warnings might be a good idea, he said. “This year, those single bites have just been a lot more impactful on the victims”.

North Carolina in the past two weeks.

“There are many inherent dangers while swimming in ocean or sound waters”, warned the Park Service.

Despite the attention the attacks have brought, tourists aren’t expected to cancel trips en masse, said Lee Nettles, executive director of the Outer Banks Visitors Bureau in North Carolina. By comparison, there were 39 shark attacks in North Carolina during the same period.


“He was dizzy and in shock when he came out of the water”, Supan said, adding: “I think we were all in shock”.

Man bitten by shark while protecting children