Tennessee police kill theater suspect armed with fake gun & hatchet

“We are all responsible, in one way or another”. Montano also had a pellet gun. She told officers Montano had been “very destructive” by breaking things in the house, including a coffee table and jewelry box.


Marcus Weaver spent almost three years talking openly about forgiving the man who shot him, killed his friend and caused untold suffering.

With Montano dead, it may be hard to determine one.

The SWAT team entered the theater to find a cloud of chemical spray as Montano was firing on them with the pellet gun that sounded like a small caliber pistol.

Officials said Montano was known to have psychiatric issues, and he had allegedly been committed various times to facilities in the Nashville area. It wasn’t immediately clear why he had been committed or if that commitment was involuntary.

In a press conference Wednesday night, authorities said it appeared Montano had “significant psychiatric or psychological issues”.

The gunman who stormed into a screening of Mad Max and attacked audience members was reported missing by his mother two days before the rampage.

Montano was named in a missing person report Monday. The officer fired back and fatally wounded Montano, according to reports.

In her conversation with police she said she hadn’t seen or heard from him in three years.

Vincente David Montano terrorized movie patrons in what looked convincingly like a theater massacre in the making, and police in Nashville, Tennessee, responded accordingly, shooting him dead.

Attempts to reach Pruett through phone numbers listed for her and other messages have been unsuccessful.

According to the report, while at the home, it was agreed police would give Montano a ride to the airport so he could go to Chicago after his mother could “no longer deal with his mental instability”.

Montano had a criminal history that included assault and resisting arrest.

The Inquisitr reports that the Nashville shooter had been in the vicinity of the movie theater since 9 a.m. on the day of the attack.

Three people needed medical treatment.

Aaron said they saw the suspect with one hand under a backpack he was wearing on his chest. The pepper spray also contained red dye, according to police reports.

The man had two bags with him, and authorities checked the bags to make sure there was no additional danger.

Minutes after he heard reports of an active shooter at the Carmike Hickory 8, Officer Jonathan Frith opened the door of Theater 4 and stepped into the darkness. “He chose not to”, Aaron said.

“I still to this moment don’t think it’s real”, Roby said.

And Colorado jurors are now deciding whether James Holmes, who killed 12 and injured 70 others during a 2012 theater rampage in Aurora, Colo., should receive the death penalty.

Chief Anderson made a powerful statement Wednesday evening, saying “this is maybe the new normal”. “We carry on”, he added. One man received a laceration to his shoulder from the ax.


Frith said his family was “emotional” following his brush with Montano. All of those affected were treated at the scene.

The body of the suspect is removed from a movie theater following a shooting Wednesday Aug. 5 2015 in Antioch Tenn. A man armed with a hatchet and pellet gun unleashed a volley of pepper spray at audience members inside the movie theater exchanging