Terrorist Fire From Afghanistan Kills 4 Soldiers

Also Sunday, a tribal elder was killed and four army soldiers injured in two separate roadside bomb attacks in the Bajur tribal region, said a local administrator Fayyaz Sherpao.


At least four Pakistani soldiers were killed and four were injured in a cross border attack at a Pak Army post in Khyber Agency near Pak-Afghan border, reported by ISPR.

Pakistan has summoned the Afghan ambassador to its Foreign Office over the attack.

“According to reports, rounds fired from (the) Afghanistan side by terrorists hit an 8,000-feet-high Pakistani post in Akhandwala Pass”, the military said in a statement.

The Afghan envoy in Pakistan is summoned amid escalating tensions between Kabul and Islamabad over cross-border shelling and fight against terrorism.

“Pakistani troops befittingly responded and eliminated the group of terrorists”, the statement said. Islamabad insists any such conferences are held in Afghanistan.

Khyber serves as one of the main trade and transit routes between Pakistan and Afghanistan, where Pakistani Taliban an other militant groups used to have strong bases.

But militants hiding in the mountains or across the border in Afghanistan’s Kunar province often emerge to plant bombs or attack checkpoints.

The Afghan ambassador said he would convey the message to the concerned authorities and look into this.


Previous year new Afghan President Ashraf Ghani made closer ties with Pakistan a priority, hoping Islamabad could push Afghan Taliban leaders to the bargaining table to end Afghanistan’s long war.

Four Pakistani soldiers martyred in crossborder rocket attack in Khyber