Tesla Introduces Model X

It’s scary to think how much clout Tesla has garnered in such a short period of time.


Six customers were given the keys to the luxury electric SUVs Tuesday night, and they won’t be the last.

We recently learned that Tesla was burning through cash and taking a more-than $4,000 loss on every vehicle sold, though in August the company beat analyst expectations for its second quarter earnings.

The niftiest feature of the Model X may be its double-hinged falcon-wing doors, which need less than a foot of clearance to open and are fitted with sensors so they won’t trap hands or hit adjacent parked cars.

It is capable of going from 0 to 60mph, which is as little as 3.2 seconds for those customers who prefer Tesla’s Ludicrous speed upgrade. A true beast on wheels.

The launch, which reportedly came a year later than originally planned, marks Tesla’s first foray into the SUV market – a move that was hailed by founder and chief executive Elon Musk as evidence electric vehicles could break into any segment of the auto market.

Tesla Model X 90D will have a range of 257 miles (413 kms), while the more powerful variant P 90D will have a range of 250 miles (402 kms). The P85D is also the same vehicle that broke Consumer Reports’ ratings system earlier this month because it was just that good.

Model X “sets a new bar for automotive engineering”, Musk told reporters ahead of the formal unveiling of the vehicle.

Model X also features “Falcon Wings”, created to “allow easy access to second and third row seats from any parking space”.

“When the auto is operating at maximum capability, we can’t even detect any viruses, bacteria or spores”.


The Signature edition of Model X is available for around 2,000, barring incentives, projected gas savings and tax credit charges. Of course, this is a Tesla so if it also comes with all the high-tech extras you expect. When Elon Musk unveiled the Model X, he joked about the availability of “hospital level air quality” accessible by a button on the dashboard display in the shape of the global biohazard symbol.

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