Tesla Model X launching Tuesday, RGJ reporting live from event

The Model X launch event will be streamed live on the Tesla site. Tomorrow at 7:30pm Pacific, Tesla Motors will hand the keys of Model X cars to the first customers.


With consumer preference shifting increasingly towards SUVs since 2013, Elon Musk knew he had to come up with a suitable offering to catch up with the trend.

Musk unveiled the Model X in February 2012 at a splashy Los Angeles event featuring California Governor Jerry Brown, with production planned for 2013. That means the only likely people that are interested in selling their Tesla model S is for other model S owners that want to upgrade to the P85 with the Ludacris button and the 0-60 drag time of 2.8 seconds! Production will ramp up slowly.

In the video, we can see one of the falcon wing doors opening and closing, though this test mule requires the driver to hop out and finish closing the door. Pricing and power details on other models has not yet been revealed. The feature was shown in photos from the Model X configurator for Signature reservation holders.

How well will Model X sell?The biggest question for investors regarding Model X is how many of these vehicles Tesla will be able to sell.

The new plant now allows Tesla to complete assembly of 450 Teslas a week in Tilburg, up from 225.


“The VW scandal highlights that the auto industry is under a lot of pressure to comply with tightening emissions standards and fuel-economy laws, and with an internal combustion engine, it’s hard to conform without realizing a corresponding trade-off in vehicle performance”, said Andrea James, an analyst with Dougherty & Co. The top speed is 155mph like on the Model S. Because of high demand, new reservations made on the company’s website will not ship until the second half of 2016.

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