Texas Tech’s QB Mahomes day-to-day with left knee injury

Trevone Boykin threw for 503 yards and four scores last week for TCU – that might just be scratching the surface for what Baylor is about to do. So we all have the capacity to do that.


In Saturday’s matchup in Fort Worth, the Longhorns face a quandary without Quandre: If Diggs couldn’t cover Doctson, how does anyone else have a chance? This Texas Tech and Baylor game features two of the nation’s most exciting and big-play offenses. But it was Oregon’s besieged defense that had no solution for Wilson and the rolling Utes, who amassed 530 yards of total offense.

-Flag Day in the Big 12: Texas fans angered by two crunch-time calls in the Oklahoma State game (one for defensive holding, the other for unsportsmanlike conduct on coach Charlie Strong) have legitimate points, based on videotape replays. He is one of only five players with at least 70 yards receiving in four games this season.

Allen, who was 21 of 28 passing for 358 yards with with both of his touchdowns to Kirk, hit the true freshman receiver in the end zone on the second play of overtime.

Washington ran for four touchdowns and a career-high 188 yards. Russell leads the country in touchdown passes.

One by one Johnny brought the bears into their area and each time the bears saw the green flag and red and black flags and turned around and left. Zero interceptions. Zero fumbles. But at the end of the game today, thanks to the great football instincts of Aaron Green, TCU’s luck changed. In fact, Coleman is averaging more than 27 yards per catch with junior Seth Russell running Art Briles’ offense, compared to his “measly” 17.5-yards-per-catch average from last season. He’s looked more like himself over the past two contests, and hopefully he’ll continue that in the coming weeks. However, Baylor’s defense looked as good as it has in a long time against Rice. And things don’t get much easier from there.

Texas Tech will give up the yards, and lot of points, but I think this week they take another step towards rebuilding a program. They both should have been closer to 10 or 11.

ATHENS, Ga. (AP) – Nick Chubb ran for 131 yards and two touchdowns and also caught a scoring pass for Georgia. Check out the Baylor vs. Texas Tech game preview and prediction. The Cowboys jumped out to a pretty quick lead in the first quarter and then just peed the bed in the second quarter. But consider this: On three of those “non-converted” opportunities, TCU defenders committed personal fouls.

FINAL: Texas Tech 52… Chris Bradley’s roughing the passer on what should have been the final play of the game was on 3rd and 10, and it negated a Travin Howard interception.

Everything was going so well for Doctson that even a drop turned into the game-winning touchdown for TCU.

So, the defense needs to clean things up, and in a hurry. TCU is shooting themselves in the foot with penalties and keeps letting Tech hang around. More than that, Texas essentially blowing consecutive games with glaring mistakes on special teams–a missed extra point against Cal and a botched punt yesterday.


-Texas at No. 4 TCU: Historic precedents abound Saturday.

Patrick Mahomes passes as running back De Andre Washington runs past during the first half of an NCAA college football game against TCU Saturday Sept. 26 2015 in Lubbock Texas