Thailands Chiang Mai Flower Festival And Hill Tribe People

Chiang Mai Flower Festival


Chiang Mai, the northern city of Thailand has two notable activities that visitor should see. The first is the Chaing Mai flower festival that is an annual event held each February. This is usually held as a weekend event, with a parade of decorated floats, with lots of great food and beverages while many local bands are performing. This is believed to be the largest collection of orchids in the world during this impressive event. Hotels fill up quickly as it is also on the Thai tourist calender, it is the busiest week in Chiang Mai of the year.

The ‘Hill tribe People’


The second attraction is actually out of town. The ‘Hill tribe People’ have now become a major tourist destination in its own right, you may have seen the images of ladies with stretched long necks with long golden rings. The villages where most of the tour companies go have kind of been set up to give tourists an so-called authentic experience, the reality is that it could not be further from the truth. There is no more reality here than a tourist visiting Disneyland and believing that Americans run around dressed as Mikey Mouse. It has unfortunately become a cultural freak show tour and that is how the tour companies promote it, how ever, it is also a major source of income for the village people.