‘That’s the shark’s house’: Woman’s video about NC shark attacks goes viral

Video of a Tennessee woman explaining her summer safety tips – inspired by a recent spate of shark encounters in North Carolina – has been watched almost 7 million times as the Fourth of July weekend approaches.


In case you didn’t know, the ocean is actually a shark’s house, and according to Veronica Nash Poleate, a shark has every right to eat you if you’re in his house. When a chicken comes in my house, guess what?

‘When pigs come in my house, they on the plate.

Poleate, perturbed by the unusual number of shark attacks reported recently, advises summer beach goers to “use some common sense”. You’ll be glad you did. Are you going to heed her warning and stay on the sand and out of the water? “They get ate up”. And stay out the woods too. Don’t go fooling around with the bears either.

“But I’m not going to the ocean. When animals come in my house, they end up on the plate”.

But if you think she just doesn’t like the water, you are wrong. Whatever meat is on your bones rejoice in it today hallelujah.

“God love you, God keep you and stay out them oceans!”


Poleate said out of all, it is her most popular video.

Video with Tennessee woman's shark safety tips goes viral | The Charlotte