The Apple Watch May Have Just Saved a Life

The Watch guaranteed his rate was 145 for two hours after practice, which provoked him to go the healing center.


There doctors found that his heart, liver and kidneys were beginning to shut down, he was severely dehydrated and that he was suffering from rhabdomyolysis.

The Apple Watch has been credited as the life-saver of football player Paul Houle and Garry Barker alias Mac Man. An expert believes that the future of wearable biometric technology can make major improvements in people’s lives.

Houle pointed to the Apple Watch for immediately informing him of an impending danger to his life. Houle was rushed to a hospital emergency room, where he was diagnosed with rhabdomyolysis a condition characterized by the release of muscle into the blood stream, which then can cause severe kidney damage. Since Houle’s story surfaced late last week, word of the ordeal reached Apple CEO Tim Cook, who contacted Houle with a personal phone call a few days after his diagnosis and recovery. The high school senior, Paul Houle Jr., said he started to have sudden pain in his chest.

This is not the first time the Apple Watch has saved a life. Apple can not ignore the fact that following the recent incident, the company’s unplanned campaign for its smart-watch platform will surely help the tech-giant to increase its user-base and revenues.

“If I didn’t have the initial push from Apple watch, I very easily could have fallen down on the field and died the next day”, Houle said.

“He said that I’ll always have a place with Apple”, Paul said.

His heart rate showed irregularity, ranging between 120 to 150 bpm.

And both father and son are thankful the Apple Watch alerted Paul to the problem.


From celeb partnerships to glossy magazine spreads, Apple has spared no expense when it comes to advertising their Apple Watch-they reportedly spent $38 million on TV ads in a single month this year.

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